I'm an Taiwanese artist currently based in London. My primary art medium is painting, using materials like ink, paper, silk, metal foil, and canvas. While I work with traditional Chinese mediums, I also draw inspiration from photography, online imagery, Islamic miniature painting, and Byzantine art. By first creating digital sketches, then replicating them through the use of traditional mediums, which is an uncommon practice, I have been able to explore new directions in my art.

My pieces mostly depict landscapes, portraits, and subjects less common in traditional ink paintings, such as sports themes and shadows. In my portraiture, I often explore the theme of identity uncertainty by drawing expressionless faces of teenagers, with their gaze reaching beyond the frame. I achieve this by using a both blurred and defined outlines, along with a nuanced use of colours.

For landscape works, I draw from my experiences in natural settings, particularly forests, and the notion of the interconnectedness of all things found in traditional landscape paintings. This is depicted through integrating compositions from different perspectives, and imitating the smoothness of digital brushes with traditional tools.

Regarding sport themes, I choose to incorporate boxing and skateboarding, both of which I actively engage in. Through these sports, I’ve observed the delicate balance of body control and the sense of being fully engaged. I aim to capture the serene moments amidst the intensity of the action. As for shadows, less common in traditional ink painting, they are used to portray the power dynamics behind the worldwide social movements. Through reimagining traditional mediums, it allowed me to observe the world and reflect on my culture from a unique perspective.

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